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What is it like for students who do virtual learning?

We are a Florida Elementary Private school

We accept Step Up for Students

We nurture the whole growth of the child

We provide 1:1 Support for parents and students

How Does it Work?

Hands-On Learning

We send you an authentic Montessori materials kits to your home for your child to engage in hands-on learning. Lessons vary by age.

Small-Group Guided Presentations

4 to 6 year old program- We provide virtual guided instruction in small groups for 2 hours (9am-11am), focusing primarily on mathematics, reading and some writing, as well as movement and practical life activities.

6 to 9 year old program- We provide virtual guided instruction in small groups for 2.5 hours (8:30am-11am), focusing primarily on mathematics, reading, and writing. Social studies is incorporated into students' research and writing topics. STEM projects happen on a TBD basis.

9 to 12 year old program- We provide virtual guided instruction in small groups for 2.5 hours (8:30am-11am), focusing primarily on mathematics, reading, and writing, refining the skills that began in lower elementary. Social studies is incorporated into students' research and writing topics. STEM projects happen on a TBD basis.

12 to 15 year old program- Students are grouped in cohorts. These communities allow opportunities for collaborative work and student leadership through: Regularly scheduled student-led community meetings. Activities, such as in inquiry-based problem solving, and applied scientific method, that encourage diversity of perspectives, thoughts, and learning styles. Compassionate and respectful relationships and an appreciation of differences.

The daily schedule allows for uninterrupted work periods of 2 hours or more in core curricular subjects—math, language arts, history or humanities, sciences, additional world languages, and creative arts. Uninterrupted work periods honor student choice, foster concentration, and support student engagement, while allowing for deep inquiry and a chance to work in collaborative project teams.

A “spiral curriculum” exposes students to many interrelated topics, repeatedly over time, resulting in broad and deep knowledge. Students are academically challenged and given reasonable opportunities for pacing work to meet their needs, while also learning responsibility, meeting deadlines, and mastering skills and concepts with the support and guidance of master teachers.

1:1 Bi-Weekly Conferences

We have 1 on 1 bi-weekly conferences with parents and students to talk about your child's progress and how you can support learning from home.

Extracurricular Activities

Students will be able to join yoga and mindfulness after class once a week for 30 minutes.

Piano is offered virtually once a week.

Students have the option to partake in Coding courses online.

Art is offered virtually once a week.

There is a soccer team that meets locally in Broward.

Government and Leadership club for Middle School students.

Business and Financial club for Middle School students.


Please join our Facebook group for support and help from other parents alike. Once you enroll, you will be invited to join.

Field Trips

There are many opportunities for field trips. Students can meet in groups at the destination or meet locally in Broward County.

Can Montessori Be Taught Online?

Maria Montessori herself believed that education should be a pliable concept—one that is flexible and can be adapted to meet not only the needs of the child, but the constraints of the environment as well. If a physical school is not meeting the needs of your child, you may be asking yourself whether Montessori can be taught at home. In short, the answer is “yes,” so be encouraged! Montessori can absolutely be taught online!

Why is Montessori the Perfect Philosophy for Online Instruction?

You may think that nothing can replace the presence of an actual teacher in a “real” learning environment, but the Montessori method actually lends itself to distance learning quite well. Here’s why:

  • One of the benefits of online learning is that it is largely self-paced. This advantage of distance education is well-documented and touted by online schools and universities across the country.

  • The online learning environment creates a space in which learners can navigate lessons independently and progress through content as they master the necessary skills.

  • Self-paced learning also happens to be one of the tenants of successful Montessori education. Montessori teachers espouse the belief that children perform best when they’re given the freedom to learn concepts on their own timelines as opposed to one imposed by a predetermined curriculum or schedule.

  • Therefore, kids accustomed to being taught in a Montessori environment should transition to an online learning platform fairly seamlessly, at least in terms of the pace of their learning.

What are the Obstacles of Online Learning?

Montessori Relies on Hands-On Instruction

At the heart of the Montessori philosophy is the belief that children learn by touching, manipulating objects, and “doing.” Hands-on learning is one of the concepts people commonly associate with the Montessori approach, and it is a non-negotiable component of the philosophy.

So, how does tactile learning fit into a distance learning environment? This may very well be the biggest obstacle to adapting Montessori to an online environment, at least at first glance.

It’s a misconception that online instruction can’t facilitate this type of learning, though. When you think of online instruction, you may envision a student staring at a computer screen while passively taking in instruction.

In this way, online learning may resemble some of the ineffective teaching methods often observed in lecture-style classroom environments. This is the opposite of what one would expect to see happening in a Montessori environment.

Thanks to our authentic Montessori kits, you can bring the experience of Montessori learning home! To the contrary, children in virtual learning environments can participate in many of the same hands-on activities as they would in a more traditional classroom setting.

And with our 1:1 bi-weekly parent conferences, guides (teachers) are there to help you each step of the way on how to use the materials and support offline learning.

Montessori Requires Trained Instructors

To be effective, the Montessori method should be applied by trained professionals. Traditionally, this means that children are taught alongside teachers (or parents) who have undergone professional training in Montessori education.

Many critics of online Montessori instruction worry that children simply won’t thrive unless they’re within physical proximity of a qualified Montessori teacher.

While this is a valid concern, it is an obstacle that can be overcome. Meaningful online Montessori instruction necessitates that trained Montessori professionals provide assistance to parents as they help children navigate the online learning experience.

In essence, parents become liaisons between teachers and children and act as guides and facilitators as their children practice new concepts.

In order for distance education to work within a Montessori environment, teachers must also provide parents with resources and strategies as they help their kids master new learning.

Do you accept scholarships?

Montessori Schoolhouse at Hollywood accepts scholarships and financial aid. Please contact us for tuition assistance options.