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We believe that young children experience a period of intense mental activity that allows the child to "absorb” learning from his or her environment without conscious effort, naturally and spontaneously. We aim to nurture the whole child in mind, body and spirit.


Montessori Schoolhouse at Hollywood keeps a low student-to-teacher ratio so that your child reaches their full potential and is sure to succeed.

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By placing children in a specially prepared environment to meet their physical, cognitive and social needs and to satisfy their intrinsic interests, children not only learn but thrive.

"Free the child's potential, and it will transform him into the world."

- Maria Montessori

Introducing Montessori Schoolhouse of Hollywood ONLINE

Now you can enjoy the benefits of a Montessori education ONLINE from the safety of your home with trained and certified teachers to guide your child. Learn more about our virtual school by scheduling a call with us! Simply fill out the contact form below.

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